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Dja Faunal Reserve - Cameroon

Map showing the location of the Dja Wildlife Reserve world heritage site in Cameroon



Area: 5,260 km2


Inscribed: 1987 

Criteria: (ix) ecological processes; (x) biodiversity 

Values: Dja Reserve is one of the largest and most biologically diverse tracts of protected rainforest in central Africa.  Ancient granite outcrops pierce the forests canopy, creating a mosaic of swamps and grasslands in the forest.  More than 1200 plant species, 107 mammals, 429 birds and 60 fish have been recorded, including western lowland gorilla, chimpanzee and 7 other species of diurnal primate.  Dja is one of the best places to see the extraordinary rockfowl, Picathartes.




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Links:  Google Earth | UNEP-WCMC Site Description |Official UNESCO Site Details | Birdlife IBA

The Dja Wildlife Reserve world heritage site (Cameroon) is one of the most diverse parts of the Congo Basin rainforests Baka pygmies are the traditional rainforest inhabitants of the area now designated as Dja Wildlife Reserve world heritage site in Cameroon The western lowland gorilla is one of the endangered species protected by the Dja Wildlife Reserve world heritage site Giant rainforest trees such as this one in Dja Wildlife Reserve are increasingly rare as more of the Congo Basin rainforests are subjected to logging



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