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Rwenzori Mountains National Park - Uganda

Map showing the location of the Rwenzori Mountains National Park world heritage site in UgandaIn Danger from 1999 to 2004

Website Category:  Mountains

Area: 996 km2

Inscribed: 1994

Criteria: (vii) aesthetic; (x) biodiversity

Values: The Rwenzori Mountains are steep, rugged and very wet. They owe their origins to thrusting of the earth's crust associated with the creation of the Albertine Rift, which makes them geologically quite different to the other high East African mountains (which are of volcanic origin). The Park covers most of the centre and eastern half of the range (the other side forms part of the contiguous Virunga park in DR Congo). It includes Africa's third, fourth and fifth highest peaks in an alpine highland of glaciers, snowfields and lakes of astonishing beauty. It protects five distinct vegetation zones, many rare, endemic and endangered species, and the richest montane flora in Africa - a very unusual cloud forest of giant heathers, groundsels and lobelias, draped in cushions of luxuriant mosses.


Slideshow of the Rwenzori Mountains National Park


Rwenzori Mountains World Heritage Site Visitor Information and Hiking GuideVISITOR INFORMATION AND HIKING DETAILS FOR 'THE CENTRAL CIRCUIT':  For visitor information, including an outline of each day of a 7-day trek around the 'central circuit' of the highest peaks, download a copy of the Uganda Wildlife Authority's brochure by clicking here


Maps & satellite images of Rwenzori Mountains National ParkMAPS & SATELLITE IMAGES:  A selection of maps and Google Earth satellite images showing the main features of the Rwenzori Mountain range is available by clicking here.  This portfolio includes a selection of topographic maps, a map indicating road access routes and part of the out-of-print (1970) special edition 1:25,000 map of Central Rwenzori which shows detailed contour information, hiking and climbing routes up the glaciers.  Satellite coverage is not as crisp as it could be, but provides some very useful perspectives on the mountain, seen from a variety of directions.  Take a look!



Conservation News Updates

Fire destroys 30-40 sq km of forest in Kilembe area (Kasese News Blog, 13 February 2012) 

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The Ruwenzori Side-striped Chameleon occurs at altitudes up to 4,000m in the Rwenzori Mountains National Park world heritage site in Uganda  Giant Dendrosenecios create an other-worldly scene in the Afro-alpine zones of the Rwenzori Mountains National Park world heritage site in Uganda Mosses create intricate patterns in the Rwenzori Mountains National Park world heritage site in Uganda The Rwenzori Mountains National Park world heritage site in Uganda is one one the wettest mountains in Africa, supporting great cushions of mosses at higher elevations



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