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Eastern Arc Mountain Forests - Tanzania & Kenya

Map showing the location of the isolated mountain forests of the Eastern Arc (Tanzania) with World Heritage Site potentialConsidered to have potential as a future World Heritage Site

Location and Area: The so-called ‘Eastern Arc’ is a chain of isolated mountains that lies in the savanna lowlands of tropical East Africa.  A serial site would be necessary to capture the full range of values of these mountain forests and their massive concentrations of unique and highly threatened species (see map).

Inscription Status:  Ras Mohamed National Park is included on Egypt’s Tentative List (2015), and the Sanganeb area (Sudan) has been nominated (most recently in 2015) as a ‘stand-alone’ site. 

Important Values:  The long-standing ecological isolation of forests on each block of mountains - from one another, and from other tropical moist forests in central and west Africa – has resulted in very high levels of endemism, with many species of plants and animals restricted to single mountains along the ‘Arc’. Amongst these unique species are 3 recently-discovered monkeys, one belonging to entirely new genus. 


Slideshow of Eastern Arc Mountain Forests

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Lush montane forest characterises many of the protected mountains that make up the Eastern Arc The Eastern Arc forests support a great diversity of endemic plants, including species of impatiens (shown here) and African violets known to horticulturalists around the worldClosed canopy montane forest in the Udzungwa Mountains National Park (Tanzania), a key component of a possible future serial world heritage site Several species of recently-discovered primate, such as these Udzungwa red colobus monkeys, are known only from isolated forests along the Eastern Arc chain of mountains in Tanzania     



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