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Kasanka National Park - Zambia

Map showing the location of Kasanka National Park (Zambia), a potential World Heritage SiteConsidered to have potential as a future World Heritage Site

Location and Area: Kasanka National Park is a relatively small park (420 km2) in central Zambia (see map).

Inscription Status:  Not yet included on Zambia’s Tentative List (2015). 

Important Values:  As the park’s T-shirt declares ‘its all about the bats’!  Ten million straw-coloured fruit bats congregate in a few hectares of gallery forest in KasankaNational Park for 6 weeks each year to harvest a seasonal bonanza of wild fruit.  It is a natural phenomenon of unparalleled proportions, the largest known mammal congregation in Africa, with ecological consequences permeating the woodlands and forests over vast swathes of central southern Africa..


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Straw-coloured fruit bat in flight at Kasanka National Park (Zambia)Close-up view of a roosting bat at Kasanka National Park (Zambia)As the Tee-shirt pronounces 'Its all about the bats' at Kasanka National Park (although there is also a huge diversity of other species of plants and animals at this potential world heritage site)The skies are darkened as an estimated 10-million bats take to the air from their roosting trees at Kasanka National Park



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